Everybody is all close with each other & then there’s me. Haha coool.

I always feel left out. It’s not a good feeling at all. I have no one. People change. People come & go. I have to go thru everything on my own. No one tells me anything anymore. Which I have no idea why. My friends hangout with different people. They don’t hit me up anymore. I’m always a second option. Everyday, I always think bout this.. Why I’m always lonely. Like do people not like who I am? But then again, there’s always someone people like better. This year sucks & I’m ready to graduate.

Everybody changes when..

They start driving & when they have their own car. You can just tell by the way they acted before and the way they act now when they have a car. It annoys me. They just wanna show off. Tryna be all that. Like no.

When I see girls dress like their boyfriends or how their boyfriend wants em to dress.. Lolol, wtf are you doin? Are you trying to impress him? Are you trying to change her? I think its funny & dumb.

I miss the old us.

Everybody, I mean everybody has gone thru this stage or will go thru this stage when they’re in a relationship. I’m at this stage right now. I miss the old us. I miss when you used to say ’ I love you ’ at random times. I miss how we used to talk on the phone all the time. I miss how you would call me first. I miss how we used to text each other all day, everyday. I just miss everything at this moment. I feel like we’re drifting & you don’t even see that. I even tell you that & you just don’t understand.. Maybe all of this is happening cos you’re working more but who knows right? I just hope we can get back to the way we were before.

So annoying how I tweet bout something on my Twitter & people who follow me go and tell that person. Like wtf, I blocked em for a reason so they wouldn’t read my tweets. Shut your damn mouth. Idk why you checkin my Twitter anyway.

I’ve had enough & idk what to do anymore.

However long I text someone back, they take that long too. I wonder if thas just on purpose or.. & don’t get mad cos I didn’t text back yet. I actually have a reason.

When I’m telling someone something & they’re just like ’ oh yeah I understand ’ or they’re like ’ it won’t happen again. ’ then guess what? It happens again. I thought you said you understand? If you really did understand, you wouldn’t have done it again.

I have school tomorrow.. Omg kill me. Summer is really over :(